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Below, you can read about us and our evangelistic media tools for foreign missions.

Harvest Productions was founded in 1975 by Don Ross of Greenville, South Carolina. His vision involved providing high-quality Christian videos for use as ministry tools, especially to those involved in foreign evangelism worldwide. To date, there are 25 titles and 35 different languages, distributed to 100 countries. The wide array of genre include drama, documentaries, true stories and family programming.

In 2001 leadership of Harvest Productions passed on to Dennis Schermer of Russiaville, Indiana. He regularly coordinates, writes, travels to film location sites, edits and distributes new works. According to Dennis, the amount of time it takes for a video to be ready, from concept to distribution, is a full year.

Once a concept or story has been decided on, the first step in any film project is to raise the funds needed to complete the entire project. Pre-1991 when 16 mm film was still being used, a typical budget was $75,000. Once the technology moved to digital, costs came down to about half of the pre-digital price tag.

So, what is involved in producing a full-scale film of this calibre? Pre-filming tasks include writing the script, determining the location, designing costumes and sets, selection of actors, and finding the perfect film crew.

Many who are involved are volunteers. Film crews generally consist of free-lance, skilled technicians with a love for their trade and evangelism. Actors are usually professionals who are well-known in their locale. One other necessity that is not common in film production is the translators. When these stories are filmed in a foreign language, it takes a skilled translator to make sure everything is idiomatic and correct!

Once on location, costs may include housing and food for cast and crew, rental of spaces for filming and equipment storage, and rental of items such as vehicles. Local talent is used as much as possible for production of costumes, sets and other necessities.

According to Schermer, a typical filming on location takes three to four weeks. During that time, they must complete all takes and retakes, and make sure there is no part left out. After filming, the work of editing begins. During this time, a music composer is commissioned to create the musical score for the film, and artwork for DVD covers and advertising pieces must be completed.

Finally, the DVD is available for distribution. Once it has been marketed, then other languages are considered for ‘dubbing’. To date, there have been 35 languages dubbed onto various films, including languages from Europe, North and South America, Africa, India, Asia and various Islands. In addition, some videos have been enhanced by adding open-caption subtitles for the deaf. When a video is ‘dubbed’ there is much of the same activity as before: script writing, translators, professional actors, studio editing, and the like.

Harvest Production videos are not only available on DVD, they are also broadcast via satellite. Sat 7 in Cypress streams to New Zealand, Indonesia and Arabic-speaking countries. Harvest Production Films are also broadcast by National Religious Broadcasters and TCT Broadcasters.