Don Ross Ministries

Harvest Productions is pleased to announce that along with a variety of our great DVDs, we will also be showcasing several DVDs from Don Ross Ministries. Check back soon for new additions!   [category name=”Don Ross...

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Media is exploding worldwide. It is now common in countries considered in the past very poor. People of any culture are naturally drawn to media, especially when a story is told. Inserting a clear message of the Gospel makes this an effective way of telling, people of any culture, this life altering message. Click on Harvest Productions to see how and way this is accomplished. Media is power. It can shape cultures, people’s perceptions. and ultimately their lives. Combined with dramatic stories, it can influence lives for eternity. Since 1975 Harvest Productions has produced evangelistic media tools to help point people to Christ. This 7 minute video helps illustrate the media’s power and how...

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The Making of a Movie

What goes into making a film for foreign fields? Pretty much the same type of activities that are necessary for a domestic film. It all starts with an idea and a vision, then lots of phone calls to put things in motion. While a movie may not seem very complex, there is much behind-the-scenes activity just to get it started. For example, there must be an idea, then writers and translators to solidify it, a music composer for the film score and artwork for the DVD covers and advertising pieces. A location must be chosen, along with selection of actors, costume-makers, film and lighting crews and sets and prop makers. Equipment must be located...

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