Growing In Christ
Harvest Productions Christian Movies

Growing In Christ
Harvest Productions Christian Movies

Suitable for all ages, recommended new believers and veterans, alike


Growing in Christ (Creciendo en Cristo) DVD

Teaching, 29 Minutes

Original Language: Spanish

Additional Languages: Currently in Spanish only

Growing in Christ is recommended as a follow-up to The Good News.

Dr. Mercado explains how to grow as a believer. Spending time in Bible study and prayer are taught, as well as encouraging baptism, communion, local church involvement and witnessing.

Originally filmed in Spanish, currently Spanish is the only language offered.

Harvest Productions DVDs are available in over 30 languages as evangelistic and discipleship tools for missionaries, pastors, or anyone around the world.

Ordering Information
All DVDs are mailed via the US Postal Service. A flat rate of $7.95 covers shipping for one or more DVDs shipped to any location in the lower 48 states, Continental USA.

For missionaries or churches located in overseas locations, we can either ship to your liaison in the Continental USA so that they can mail your package to you, or we can ship directly to you. Please contact us for shipping and customs charges to your location.