Teaming Together

Both Harvest Productions and ROCK International’s desire is to reach people through multi-language evangelist media; whether it be through video, dramatic stories, literature, or radio broadcasts, introducing the gospel to lost souls is the passion of both organizations. Many countries in the world speak more than one language. However, it is their heart-language that resonates best in people’s lives. By doing this, they can better grasp the deeper meaning of things as well as touch them at a deeper emotional level ensuring effective communication. Since 1975 Harvest Productions, together with Don Ross Ministries, offers nearly 30 titles that represent nearly 40 languages that not only speak to the individual’s heart but also offers hope in their troubled lives with the clear message of the Gospel. These titles have been distributed in over 100 countries. ROCK International, since 2006, has produced and proliferated multi-language, captivating, chronological gospel tools that make God’s story and the message clear to people of all ages and culturesTogether, the desire of both ministries is to reach as many people groups around the world to bring them into a restored relationship with God the Father, through Christ Jesus, his Son.